Electricity Power Generation from Bio-Gas

Preliminary program for electricity power generation is underway for the establishment of a 50 MW capacity electrical power generation plant utilizing bagasse, the dry and pulpy by-product obtained after sugar cane goes through the crushing process at LSCP’s sugar mill.

Studies have been concluded with foreign expertise on the requirements of bagasse to produce the power envisaged from the project. The plant will also be designed to run on woody bio-mass such as Gliricidia, during off seasons when sugar cane crushing does not take place. The project is being designed along the lines of similar projects in operation in other major cane growing countries such as India, Brazil, Australia and the Philippines.

The Company expects to meet its own power requirements as well as be able to sell excess power to the National Grid, through this project.
This project has been approved by the Ministry of Power and Energy of the Government of Sri Lanka.