Sugar production is dependent upon the quantity and quality of cane delivered to the factory. Approximately 8 tons of sugar is produced from 100 tons of cane and this figure is known as rendement in the industry. Ideally cane should be harvested and milled within 24 hours. Delays in deliveries or processing the cane adversely affect the amount of sugar in the cane. Fresh clean cane is the key to factory production efficiency.

The major yardstick by which the factory is judged is overall recovery made from available sugar in the cane. The mill extracts the juice from the cane and presents this juice to the process house which then recovers sugar crystals from the juice.

LSCLP produces best quality natural brown sugar in Sri Lanka. Natural brown sugar is a name for raw sugar which is produced from the first crystallization of the sugar cane. As such "natural brown sugar" is free of additional dyes and chemicals. There is more molasses in brown sugar, giving it a higher mineral content.

The standards of pan boiling and pan scheduling in the factory are continuously remained at a very high level. Factory engineering staff carries out weekly maintenance routines to bring the plant and equipment back to “Standard” production. Staff de scales the evaporator vessels every week and also cleans pans, juice heaters, mud filters, juice tanks etc.

The factory workshop provides a greater support to maintain plant and equipment in good condition