Golden Brown Commodity Sugar | Golden Brown Value Added Packeted Sugar

A vital aspect of LSCP sugar products is that they are completely natural and wholesome.

The ICUMSA (The International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis) has rated LSCP brown sugar, categorized under the nomenclature “unprocessed agricultural products”, at a level of 500 to 1,500, whilst imported “processed” white sugar has an ICUMSA level of 40 to 100.LSCP markets two varieties of sugar..

“Golden Brown Commodity Sugar” and “Golden Brown Value Added Packeted Sugar”

The Commodity Sugar is Sri Lanka’s mostly commonly used sweetener and is marketed through wholesalers who make it available island wide through the retail market.Golden Brown Value Added Packeted Sugar is distributed through the channel marketing concept and retailed through Supermarkets. The Golden Brown Value Added Packeted Sugar is the sweetener of choice at all star-class hotels across the country.