Integrated Sugar Cane Farmer Organization

Integrated Sugar Farmers Organization (ISFO) was established in January 1999. The main objective of the organization is to undertake necessary activities to improve the members’ welfare. By end 1999, the total ISFO membership was reported as 891 and 1600 ha had been allocated among them for cultivation of sugarcane.

During 2003, ISFO had been able to implement several new activities for the benefit of its members. ISFO was able to assist the farmers to obtain credit facilities for cultivation through “Govijana Bank”.

Total cane production of ISFO recorded the highest level amounting to 2600 Mt during the year. Further, ISFO helped its members by way of providing transport seed cane, tilling their land prior to cultivation, digging open dug wells for safe drinking water, donating Rs. 5000 each for hospitalization or at a death of a member etc.

During the past nine year period ISFO was able to improve its financial assets from Rs. 3715 in 1999 to Rs 9 million in 2008. ISFO is planning to implement the following programs with effect from 2008

  • Providing of credit facilities for self-employment of selected ISFO members
  • Provision of agricultural equipment on credit
  • Establishment of a nursery to supply good quality cane without delay
  • Pest and disease control
  • Digging up of open dug wells for drinking water
  • Establish a welfare program for the benefit of members who need medical assistance
  • Establish a death donation program